Hiking Oregon’s Beautiful Trails

hikingoregonHiking Oregon is one of the healthiest ways to play outdoors. From the shaded paths of the forest to the wet trails of Silver Falls. The Oregon Desert Trail for a warm walk or a giant crater to explore provides hikers with epic opportunities to connect with nature. Most of us love the peace and tranquility of a long walk while taking in the spectacular views provided by nature. With oceans to hike and records to see nobody gets bored on a hike in Oregon.


If you are looking for a hike with historic value then Oregon is the place for you. Ecola State Park is where Lewis and Clark hiked for 20 miles to reach Cannon Beach. The park keeps an eight mile trail for you to actually walk in Capt. Clarks footsteps. This trail will end your hike at the tide pools where you can see ocean life up close. With sand between your toes and the smell of that fresh sea air it is hard to find a better way to relax.


Watchman Peak Trail of Crater Lake National Park is said to be one of the world’s most beautiful hikes. With more than 100 miles of trail you will find a path for any size of hike you need. Every hiker that I have gotten to talk with has told me this is a need for my bucket list if it isn’t already on it. Nearly a 1 mile trail that is normally open from June to September peaks at 8,013 feet where you can see all the way to the Rogue River. Conditions may call for snow shoes in June.


Silver Falls has trails to hike where you will see many waterfalls. The Southern Fall is the largest at 177 feet high. With 3 trailheads and the elevation variation being around 800 feet this is considered a moderate hike.  Over 9,000 acres and more than 25 miles of trails you can do a day hike or just an hour to see some majestic flowing falls. Silverton Oregon has a few black bear and cougar so it may be best to have a buddy with you at night or if you wander off the beaten path if that’s the style you hike.


Multnomah Falls goes into the record books as the tallest waterfall in Oregon. Total height is said to be 620 feet but it breaks into two steps. Hikers can walk on a bridge over the 69 foot lower falls then follow a path to the 542 foot upper falls. When you hike to the upper falls you will get a perfect view of the Columbia Gorge. This hike is great because this waterfall is fed by a spring year round so there is an incredible sight at any time. My friend just made this hike all the way to the top and he told me that the path starts out super easy and as you ascend the trail becomes less man made.


Are you the super hiker with no off switch? Oregon Desert Trail has 800 miles for you to hike. From the Oregon Badlands Wilderness near Bend to Lake Owyhee State Park near Idaho you will not soon run out of path. The record for this hike took just under six weeks but don’t worry, it is split up nicely so you can only take on a section at a time if you’re saving on shoes. Be ready for crossing water and trudging through brush on this massive achievement of a hike.


Short beautiful walks or long intense hikes that take days or even weeks to finish can all be found right here in Oregon. Hike alone for meditation or with a friend or family for a fun filled day of relaxing with nature. Lace up those boots and get trekking my friends! From waterfalls and ocean to forest and desert, Oregon is the place for a good hike. Can you hear the call of nature?