Fun with Fly Fishing

flyfishingFly fishing can be done in many ways such as on land, in a boat or walking out in waders. Dry fly fishing is somewhat less popular than other methods although it is still very much fun. Wet fly fishing is the most common method. Salt water fly fishing has methods of its own depending on where you want to be. This is an activity the whole family can do for fun day outdoors. Fly fishing competitions have a high level of excitement to them. There is a style for everyone in this sport and favorite pastime. People of all ages have always enjoyed fishing in one way or another.

Dry fly fishing is a great way to learn the art of fly fishing. It is done with flies that float. Trout are a favorite target of the fly fishing community. Casting upstream with stealth and letting the fly float down as if a bug has fallen in the water to provide a meal for a fish. A goal of dry fly fishing is to keep far from the bank because the fish like to hang out near the ledges. Stealth must be used when sneaking up stream to hunt for hiding meals and trophies. Where slow waters meet fast waters provide great target areas for a trout catch.

Wet fly fishing is the most popular method when using flies. This style of fishing comes with the hazard of catching trees or bushes behind you. If you don’t use waders to stand a stream or walk out into the pond the fly could snap off from being snagged on the environment. Wet flies can be used in fresh water or salt water too. Depending on where the water you fish the species can vary greatly so make sure to carry the correct flies and equipment for the location. Knowing a few things about the fish you are after will help you catch the biggest in the competition and the best for dinner. Pontoon boats and canoes and kayaks are used much of the time for wet fly fishing.

Salt water fly fishing, as an increasingly popular sport, can be done right on the beach. You can also put on waders and walk into the surf. For surf fly fishing they have special surf cast to ensure good placement of your bait. Most fishing gear cannot withstand the salt so make sure the equipment is sea worthy. When fly fishing in the ocean, remember to keep an eye out for birds swarming schools of baitfish. This lets you know where other bigger fish could be near by feeding. Salt water fishing is not limited to beaches and wading out. You can fly fish in salt water ponds nearby fed by high tide and tidal creeks. Boats can be made special to handle years of use in salt water.

The main thing to remember when doing any type of fly fishing is that the bait should look like natural prey for the fish you would like to catch. Learning to tie a fly will give you the advantage of being able to create your own custom bait for wherever you feel like fishing at. Dry fishing is perfect if you feel like standing in a creek for a while. Wet fly fishing is great if you want to walk a river and see what monsters you can pull out. Stand in the sand for a day of ocean fly fishing while you get a tan. There is a type and style of fly fishing for any person of any age so grab some gear and get outdoors.

If this doesn’t grab you how about some canoe fishing?!