Ocean Fishing

Ocean FishingOcean fishing can be done right from the shore or a boat can be taken into open waters. Swimming with a spear holding your breath or with a respirator is equally fun. Stand in the sand or wade out in special waterproof pants for a day of fly fishing in the sun. Shark fishing for the monsters from the movies can give you the fight of your life without the worry of being eaten. Over 70 percent of the earth is water and so much of this water contains fish. Always a time and place for a fun day of fishing in this world.

Fly fishing in the ocean is great fun. Gear up with a pole and reel designed to withstand the salt in the ocean waters. The noise of the fly hitting the surface of the water can send the fish into a feeding frenzy. Fly fishing the ocean is supposed to make the bait look as if it was something the fish eats regularly. Shrimp floating to the bottom are an instant meal for a hungry fish in the area. Stand on the beach or walk into the water with waders on. When you get a big hit it is time to set the hook. Now the fight is on and the fun is at the peak. Fly fishing can bring in the big fish just like any other style of fishing. Halibut can be caught fly fishing and these are some tasty fish.

Spearfishing is done under water while free diving or using scuba gear. Free diving while using a spear to fish gives the advantage of stealth. Using only air the lungs can hold in a single breath, the diver swims after and shoots a spear at a fish to catch it. Scuba gear gives the advantage of being able to stay under water for extended periods of time. Scan the reef and ocean floor for hidden fish or sneaking up on schools of fish are a few ways to have fun spearfishing in the ocean. With a line attached to the spear, it is far easier to claim the fish after being shot.

Shark fishing in the open sea is an incredible rush. Thrills from hooking a fish that weighs twice as much as you is the dream of many ocean fish catchers. First timers can charter a fishing boat for a day trip. Some of these guides promise a catch or they take you out again until you get it. Attach that giant hook and chum up the waters. Carry a good knife to cut that super strong line if you think the shark will take you under. Have some friends hold you back while you fight to land this beast. For sport, food or fun, just one catch will make the day.

With so many ways to have fun fishing in the ocean how could any person resist? Grab a spear and maybe some scuba gear if swimming is your style. Put on some waders and walk out a bit if don’t feel like swimming but still want to be in the water for some fly fishing. You could stand on the bank or even charter a guided trip. Some even provide lunch! Shark fishing in the open deep blue sea can be more exciting than the movies. Wherever you are is a spot near by waiting filled with fish. Pick the style that suits you best and the most fun. Catch that dinner or show your friends who is better in a somewhat friendly competition for biggest catch of the day.