February 2014 archive

Fun with Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can be done in many ways such as on land, in a boat or walking out in waders. Dry fly fishing is somewhat less popular than other methods although it is still very much fun. Wet fly fishing is the most common method. Salt water fly fishing has methods of its own depending …

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Essential Canoe Gear

The saying “Always be prepared” is not only for boy scouts. Choosing the right paddle is important. Always think about floatation devices and the clothing you will be wearing while on the water in your canoe. Helmets help ensure you will get to play on the water again. Never forget the dry bag because a …

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Coastal Kayaking in Oregon

If you ever find yourself bored in Oregon there are many ways to turn that frown upside down. One of the favorite ways of Oregonians is to take out the kayak. With so many rivers or lakes and even the ocean so accessible you just cannot lose. You can troll the waters for fish or …

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