Canoe Fishing

canoefishingFishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities around the world. Grab a rod and reel for an oceanic adventure. Tie on the fly and whip the water for a day at the lake. Drill those holes and keep that coat on for some winter ice fishing. Dinner or sport, this is good fun for everyone! Many parks are host to cleaning stations and cooking pits for you to prepare and eat the fish right near a picnic table. Catch and release is the same amount of excitement as fishing for dinner. Go with a bunch of friends and compete for the largest and most heavy catch of the day or lone-wolf it for a bit of peace and relaxation.  Be sure to check out my article on canoe gear.


Ocean Fishing

Ocean fishing can be done all the way from the deep sea to standing on the shore. Catching a shark that is double your size could be the biggest rush ever. Fighting, until the sun goes down, to get a sailfish or marlin in your boat. Cast into the waves with the sand in your toes and sunscreen on your nose. Guided boat tours can ensure maximum payout for first timers who want the excitement of catching a thousand pound sea monster. Some of the tastiest fish in the world come from the sea although releasing the monster back to the depths can be just as fun.

Wet or dry, you can always use a fly. Lakes, river, streams and even at the beach you can find a fly for that. When bobber fishing bores you to sleep practice surf casting or maybe reach casting for those of us who are landlocked. Stand on the bank of a river or put on waders and wander out into the water to let the fly drift down stream. Find a lake or pond to cast into while you sit on the shore and enjoy the outdoors. Fly fishing can be difficult with many trees and bushes or shrubbery behind you so if you don’t want to snap off your fly make sure to look around.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing may be a bit below zero at times but that is no reflection of how hot the fishing is just beneath the ice. Drill the hole and drop the line! When these fish get to biting, you can hardly keep your hook in the water. Fishing this hot will make you forget that it is taking place in the middle of a frozen lake. Dry suits that are properly sealed and insulated are designed to keep you warm for a day of fishing on the ice. Before you fire up the heater make sure the ice will be able to handle it without melting and sending you for an icy swim. Some places have ice that can withstand many people driving and parking on the lake with shacks to sit in while they fish!

People fish for many reasons. Many compete for prizes and awards to the person who catches the most. The ability to fill a freezer with for year with salmon, trout and cod will lower spending for food. Catch and release is a great way to see something that lives in an underwater world without leaving an impact on the species or its habitat. Get away from it all with a camping trip to a big lake for a weekend of peace and relaxation. Float a local river with some friends to find yourself a few new hotspots. You can even fish at night for catfish for the types who cannot sleep or just love fishing that much. There is a place to fish anywhere and everyone can do it.